One Phone Two Numbers
Introducing vOffice FlexiLine

vOffice FlexiLine is an app for iOS  and Androidthat gives you a second, dedicated Hong Kong business number on your smartphone that you can use for your business.

2nd Phone Number App
2nd Phone Number app

Install the app on your current smartphone – there’s no new equipment to buy.  When you call a client using vOffice FlexiLine, only your Hong Kong business number shows on their Caller ID, so your oversea personal number stays private.

2nd Phone Number App
More than just a number

FlexiLine helps you create a mobile office.  Works everywhere your phone goes.  Always stay connected with your clients and use a smartphone to make calls on the go as if you are in your office.


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Your business deserves its own phone number

Because no matter how small, your business deserves its own phone number.  You can count on call quality and reliability that’s just as good as your personal calls.

FlexiLine was built with your business in mind

As a business owner, you make tradeoffs to lower cost and become more efficient.  You look for ways to do more with limited resources.  With FlexiLine, you can add a second Hong Kong business phone number to your existing mobile phone, no tradeoff required.

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Seperate your business and personal number

With FlexiLine, your customers see your Hong Kong business phone number on their Caller ID so your oversea personal mobile number stays private.

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No equipment. No hassle.

No new equipment to buy.  vOffice FlexiLine is an app for iOS and Android smartphones so it works perfectly with the phone you already have.

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Your mobile number stays private

Display your Hong Kong business number.  Make phone calls using your Hong Kong business number to keep your oversea personal number private.

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No expensive phone contracts

Get a dedicated business phone number with the features of a professional phone system – all with an app on your smartphone.


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